At TrueRisk Labs, we build and distribute Artificial-Intelligence-as-a-Service (AIaaS) for use across the financial services industry.


    Trading signals generated by our artificial neural networks constantly learn and evolve as market conditions change. Our trading metrics combine industry best practices with insights from our AI engine.


    Autonomous learning investing systems that bring new insights into the processes used by analysts and portfolio managers to generate returns, enabling us to reach non-linear investment conclusions.


    Discovering data sets that matter, provide insights, and enable better decision making and planning. Our AI solutions helps SMBs generate analytics that allow them to work faster, reduce costs, and automate common business processes.

Our Misson

Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Our mission is to provide artificial intelligence as a service (AIaaS) to financial services firms. Metrics that learn continuously become better at predicting performance in financial markets or business analytics, helping the firm accomplish research tasks more efficiently and effectively. Our systems can be deployed to handle risk underwriting, trading signals, and more.

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We bulid artificial intelligence

We Build Artificial Intelligence

TrueRisk Labs delivers deep-learning artificial neural networks that are highly modular, parameterizable, and flexible enough to handle any metric-driven financial services process, including generating autonomous learning research metrics and trading strategies, business analytics, and trading signals for any data class.

What Can We Do For You?

We are available to assess your firm’s needs and train our neural networks to handle the necessary tasks. Please fill out the contact form, or click the chat link below to talk to one of our business development associates.

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