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AI For The Modern Investor

Putting The Power Of Big Data Into The Hands Of Independent Investors

The Morpheus dataset was constructed with the retail investor in mind. Morpheus uses Artificial Intelligence to generate three independent metrics that analyze the strength of the stock’s fundamental indicators, the activity of institutional investors, banks, and algorithmic hedge funds, and the stock’s activity compared to its peer group. Each metric on its own generates significant profits for our subscribers. When used together, the dataset is a powerful tool for short term tradersalgorithmic trading, and sophisticated investors.



An AI powered indication of how strong the stock is fundamentally. The score can take a value between 1 and 5 (Very Weak to Very Strong). A high value (4 or 5) indicates our AI platform has uncovered a stock that is strong fundamentally and will appreciate in value over 2-3 quarters, irrespective of the current trend. A low value (1 or 2) identifies a stock that is weak fundamentally and is most likely to depreciate in value over 2-3 quarters, irrespective of the current trend.


Score of strength of overall positive triggers for the stock - a combined score containing short term momentum, money flow, favourable news and sentiments. Can take values between 0 to 100. High values (70% and above) signifies that overall alignment of postive triggers is strong for the stock and it is most likely to appreciate in price over the next month. Low values (30% and below) signifies a lack of positive triggers and accumulation of negative triggers that might push the stock downward in the short term.


Our AI generated score of how strong the stock is compared to its peers in the same industry group. The Strength Score take a value between 0 -100. High values (70 and above) is a clear sign the stock is significantly stronger than its peers in the same industry group. Low values (30 and below) signifies the stock is significantly weaker than its peers.

Leverage AI To Build Your Investment Portfolio.

The Morpheus Data set is the disruptive technology you've been waiting for

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Artificial Intelligence is at the center of the global economics shift.

The Morpheus Data set gives the individual investor statistical insights that even the most senior hedge fund managers can't forecast. Maximize your return and hedge against market downturns.


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